Self-Responsibility, Mindfulness, & Gratefulness

Self-Responsibility, Mindfulness, & Gratefulness

Self Responsibility

Healing begins on the inside. From the most fit-appearing person to the most un-fit appearing…healing begins internally. It’s a mindset, not an appearance. So, open your mindset to allow a gentle healing to begin within.  Recognize we are responsible for our health and wellbeing. We are faced with choices continually during the day. Society during the years has promoted that other people know what is best for us. That includes our teachers, our health care providers, and even the media.

This type of logic will keep us in a perpetual state of looking for that magic book, pill, or health care provider which will give us the right answer for our wellbeing. It’s really not so. We have the answers within us for our own well-being journey. We do need to search out information from experts. The issue becomes when we shift responsibility to others we give up personal ownership of our lives. As a nurse, I can’t tell you how many people take medications on a daily basis and have no idea what they are taking, or why they are taking it. They tell me they do whatever their doctor tells them to do. So, realizing we are responsible for our choices is step 1. Become an active participant in any health care you receive.


Mindfulness & Gratefulness


Let’s start right now by taking 5 minutes to do nothing else but be still. Allow yourself just to sit or lie still for a moment. Get comfortable. Clear your mind of the day’s or evening’s duties. Take just 5 minutes to ignore everything around you and take your mind to a place of gratefulness for the day. Start with a few slow, deep breaths. Within yourself, give a word of thankfulness either for the day ahead, or for the things you’ve experienced.  Be mindful of your day.

I actually DO this every morning. Some days I’m up at 5:00 AM to head out early to work. After getting my bath and I rush to get ready… I stop for a few moments. I lie back down on my bed. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. I meditate a few moments about my upcoming day. I take time to pray, and give thanks for the awesome say I’m going to experience. I develop a heart of gratitude for my peaceful day. I think about all the lives I’m going to touch that day. I get up with a sense of calm and peace. It really helps!


If you have a nook or kindle device, find a really nice e-book to enjoy. Louise Hay has a really nice book about healing, called  Heal Your Body. You know, we beat ourselves up for very small things. Underlying issues could be we don’t feel worthy, we don’t feel good enough, or we feel guilty for investing time in ourselves when look around and see all the “stuff” that needs our attention.

Let’s begin to understand the awesomeness we have within and beging to shift ownership of our life from others and begin to trust ourselves. Begin to love who we are and what we have to contribute to our own wholeness.

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Enjoy your day and evening.

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