I'm Joyce Harrell: A Nurse, Wellness Coach & Holistic Health Practitioner


A little about me...I'm Joyce Harrell. I'm a faith-based holistic nurse & wellness coach. I am co-author of a book for nurses,  From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses System.     I also have my own broadcast channel called Joyce Harrell Wellness with the Women Infused™ Global Media Broadcasting Network.  Recently I traveled solo to Europe to take an almost 2 week aromatherapy palliative care program. I'm a bit of an adventurer and risk taker it seems.

I'm at the intersection of convergence in my life. This means my lifetime experiences, gifts, talents and skills are about to collide with my dreams and goals that is empowering me to do what I was purposed to do. I can't beging to describe how awesome this is for me! My minimalist journey has begun and it is beling reflected in all areas of my life. I've recently found a new word, and that is Hygge. I'll be sharing more of what that is here on the site. 

As a nurse for 26 years, I've had several times in my career where my career stressors and personal stressors caused such a time of overwhelm and burnout for me. It's like the chicken and the egg. Which came first? I'm not sure, but what I do know, is that I was NOT equipped with the internal tools needed to sail past the hard times. The details right now of each burnout event doesn't matter. What matters is, I discovered tools that nourish the inner soul, and empowered me to de-stress, renew, and be whole

My wake up call happened 10 years ago when a co-worker suddenly passed away. She was only 51. I was almost 48 at that time. All of a sudden the stress I was going through just didn't seem worth it anymore. That day my journey began. My journey to reduce my stress, renew and nourish myself, and begin search to find more peace, happiness, and purpose in my life.

I found the Wellness Inventory program. This program actually tuned me into the fact that I wasn't caring for myself at all. I wasn't enjoying life, and taking time to breathe and life in the moment. Out of my experience with that program, I found several other things to support my well-being. I was able to divide those supportive measures into three groups.

  1. Apothecary.  This is herbal and aromatic support for nurturing and nourishing several areas of my life. Things like ashwaganda herb for adrenal support and orange essential oil for an energizing and revitalizing aroma. This is just touching the tip of the iceburg.
  2. Creativity. I realized my work/play balance was horribly out of alignment. I began to tap back into the creative side. This includes things like vision boards, creative journaling, adult coloring books, biking, knitting, and more.
  3. Sufficiency. This is all about mindset and being enough. Having enough. It does include the areas of finances, which much of the time our stress is derived from. This really embraces my new minimalism journey. I'm realizing my "stuff" was at the very core of my stress and overwhelm. Clutter had overtaken my life. No more. This has been life changing for me. 

Welcome to the journey of Whole-Person Wellness. I realize wellness has become a "buzz" word the past few years. Hospitals now have "wellness" programs instead of employee health programs. Honestly, my experience is that these programs are STILL "health" programs because the emphasis is still on weight reduction, lower cholesterol, and smoking cessation. Don't get me wrong, those things are important, but it's still not address wellness. The term wellness was coined long before hospitals jumped on the bandwagon of marketing old programs into new packages.

These whole-person wellness concepts are very important for me to share because this addresses the needs of the mind, body and spirit. NOT just a particular "health" issue. Stress reduction, burnout, and overwhelm issues...until those are dealt with, it's very difficult to address and conquer other issues like having that cake in the breakroom.


I utilize a Whole-Person Wellness tool call the Wellness Inventory. For supportive help, I like to add in the creative side of fun, mixed with the right aromatherapy, herbs, minimizing, simplifying and mindset...all in small do-able steps to empower you to experience this awesome peace, joy, and happiness!

Join me on this true Wellness Journey.

Be Well,






Joyce Harrell Wellness