Living My Now Journey

Living My Now Journey

Have you ever sat around wondering what you wanted to be when you grow up…at age 50? I’ve known since age 14 I wanted to be a nurse. So I achieved that. This journey goes deeper than being a nurse. Like a soul purpose…or just experiencing an awakening that you want more out of life than working 9-5 and getting up to do the same thing day after day.

In my profession I observe that many people work their whole lives for retirement so they can live. They are hard workers and talk about how they will be able to enjoy life when they retire. For many, retirement never comes. They experience a life changing illness and don’t even make it to retirement age.

I started waking up to the need to live life more full-on around age 48. I’ve known since my early 20’s I wanted to write. I loved herbal health support and I’ve always wanted to share the wise women ways. What have you dreamed about for years? Have you been living a life exactly as you dreamed? Or… did you dream and then accept an American driven corporate lifestyle as status quo and accepted…no not accepted…expected way to live?

So I’ve been shifting the past few weeks on what it means for me to be well. Several years ago as I went through study as a wellness coach, the concept was right there in front of me. Breathe. Work/Play balance. Self-Responsibility. Mindfulness.  It was right in front of me and I didn’t see it. I heard it conceptually. However, I continued to work hard and fast to achieve something that was always out in the future…like retirement.

And now my life really is getting it. This journey of simplicity. This journey of sufficiency. Having enough. Being enough. It’s resonating throughout my whole being. This journey is leading me to slow down. I’m experiencing more peace in my surroundings.

I’ve learned things even about my writing journey.  I’m not a sage… that’s someone who is the known expert in a field. For me that would be someone like Rosemary Gladstar. A time proven herbalist in the wise ways of healing. I’m very knowledgable and experienced as a natural healer…but I’m not a Rosemary…yet.

I’m not a Sherpa. That’s someone who has experienced conquering the mountain and is coming back to show you the way. I’ve conquered hills and I can share how to do the same.  I’m more like the fellow traveler. I’m in process. I’m taking you along on my journey and I’m sharing it all with you. I’m sharing the good and the not so good. I’m sharing it all in an authentic transparency.

I’m really over looking for approval. I’m finding joy in my NOW journey. Oh…and that’s the best kind of joy for me.

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