Living Your Authentic Passion

Living Your Authentic Passion

I originally wrote this article in July of 2012.

Today I’m totally rewriting it. I’m experiencing so much change in my life at such a rapid pace, my meaning of authentic life and authenic passion seems even more authentic today than it did 4 years ago. The meaning seems deeper and I wanted to share.

Are you living an abundant life? Do you have a career (this can be work outside the home, in the home or SAHM) that brings you you? Do your surroundings bring you joy? Are you happy the way you are currently living? If you said no, what exactly would create an atmosphere of joy, peace, and happiness in your life?

10 years ago I left a job I thought I would never leave. I felt burned out in my life, and after the unexpected death of a friend, I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. There really is more!

During this 10 year transition, I’ve created a few businesses, taken many classes and workshops, held a few more roles in my nursing career (some were good decisions and some weren’t), and leaned a lot about myself. Learning what works and what doesn’t work in your life is a huge realization!

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