These are my recommended resources for creating finances, improving my wellness, stress reduction, and anything that improves the peace in my life! Some of these links are affiliate links and there is no increase in cost to you as the consumer, but I may receive a small commission for my referral. I only recommend products I use and love. These affiliate commissions help me as a nurse blogger offset blog expenses and enable me to have time to research, write and share.



Brilliant Business Moms Planner  Beth Anne has got the most wonderful planners and supplies! Definitely a need for organization and creativity!


Mountain Rose Herbs  This is my favorite herb company. I order a lot from them. My herbs have always been fresh dried herbs. Alway fragrant. They also have awesome essential oils.  Their herbs are mostly organic.


HealthFul Pursuit  I LOVE this program! Leanne Vogel is a Holistic Nutritionist and has courses, ebooks, and meal plans. I give this one a 5 start rating. I have just about everything she sells!


Waiting on permission to share the link to my aromatherapy store!


AirBNB  I LOVE AirBNB.  I've been to Asheville, NC for a weekend retreat, I stayed 11 nights in Breda Netherlands, and 2 nights in Paris France through AirBNB.  I have a trip coming up in August 2016 again in Asheville, NC.  I highly recommend this way of traveling for accomodations!


The Ultimate Stress Relief Toolkit This is an awesome program that includes a personal retreat program for yourself.



Getting control of my finances has been a real stress reliever! I'm making money on my blog, and I've been a blogger for years. I only started to learn how to create income from it last year. It's been a nice steady climb. May of 2015 I made 97 cents. In December of 2015 I made over $1200. I personally know bloggers who make $10,000/month and more... One friend made over $50,000 in December of 2015. I kid you not. So I'm learning to do this right! My goal is to be debt free. Talk about stress reduction!!!

The Ultimate Blogging Handbook: Building A Framework   I love this handbook! It's a digital program, and you have 3 different levels to choose from. Abby Lawson gives you lifetime rights to the program, and even includes updates! This is great for a beginner to intermediate blogger! Highly recommend! THe eye appeal of her program is awesome. I'm very drawn to pretty and shiny, but it also has fabulous content!

Blog Clarity  Blog Clarity has several blogging courses available.

Blog Traffic Ebook  This is a great resource by Lena Gott. She shares how she increased her blog traffic from 17,000 views to 350,000 views. Great advice. I'm reading through it again!

Pajama Affiliates  I have just about every course/program Pajama Affiliates creates! I never had made any money as a blogger, and I purchased the master class, then all the other classes as they came out. I made 97 cents my first month. 6 month later, I made over $1200.00. Honest I did! I really contribute understanding SEO to this program! And the blogger I told you about that made over $50,000 December 2015... yep. Leslie Stevens. She is one of the trainers here! This is a great program for anyone who is a blogger! Robin Cockrell is the owner here at Pajama Affiliates.

Jaaxy  I cannot begin to say enough good things about Jaaxy! This is the most simple SEO program I've ever been involved in. I've  been able to get some of my blog articles to #1 in the Google Search Engine!

Bluehost  I love using Bluehost to host my website. They are always very helpful if I have issues with my site. I've been with them for several years now. If you are wanting to start a blog, you really need to have your own site, and not use the free wordpress site. You need to use

Restored 316 Designs  I LOVE these feminine wordpress themes! The company is also easy to work with if you have questions about setup or problems with your theme. They have a private facebook group also just for people who have their themes!

Craft Photography Fundamentals with Candice Stringham  I LOVE this program. The link takes you to CreativeLive, which is an instructional website full of all kinds of classes. You will need to do a search for Candice Stringham. She has 3 classes in there right now.  I'm loving the format of this educational site. My next class: I'm going to take a fun one... scrapbooking.   But they also have a wordpress class! That might be a good idea if you are new to wordpress!

Shareasale Affiliate   A nice simple site to start with if you are wanting to be an affiliate blogger.