Why I’m Becoming Minimalist

Why I’m Becoming Minimalist

I’ve been on this incredible stress reduction journey for 10 years now. I’ve found my peace. Everything I’ve experienced and learned has brought me to this time. Exactly 10 years ago this month I stepped down from a dream job I thought I would never leave. I know I didn’t have the inner tools I needed to deal with many of the external stressors in my life.

I’ve shared in other articles how I found wellness coaching and the impact it had on my life. There was still something missing though. Have you ever felt like you had almost cracked the code on a total victory, but kept falling short? That’s me! I KNEW I was so much better than I was 10 years ago, but still something was missing.

The Soul of Money

A few months ago, I was contemplating how much easier it would be if I only had more money. I was running a successful online business, but I was spending as much as I was bringing in. I knew there was a better way of dealing with money. There was a book that came across my path titled The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist. What I purchased it for was to learn how to be more intentional with money. What I learned was something life changing. A description for this great book is: “This unique and fundamentally liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money—earning it, spending it, and giving it away—can offer surprising insight into our lives, our values, and the essence of prosperity.”

The book came as an Audible book, and I listened to this book in small chunks on the way to and from work each day. There was a word which really grabbed my attention, and that word was Sufficiency! 


That word was so impactful in my life, I created a category here on my blog just for this topic. Sufficiency. Having enough. Being enough. Ah. That word was a soothing balm to my weary soul. Something awakened in me as I began to change my perspective of money. In America where I live, it’s the dream to own a large home, possess nice things, drive nice cars, and having a successful job. However…who defines success? Who has made us believe we aren’t a success unless we achieve all those things?

When you do achieve success by the status quo definition…does it make you happy? Do your things really make you happy? You could have just experience a major loss quickly and unexpectly. We’ve just gone through Hurricane Matthew. I was at my daughters home as pictures of rescue efforts were being shown on facebook. There my house was…flooded up to the porch. Yep. My home. Being flooded. Would we lose everything but my cars and what we had packed with us? We actually ended up not losing everything. The flood didn’t come in the house. Right now, we don’t have any heating or air conditioning, and everything under the house has to be replaced…ductwork, vents, heating, AC, insulation,  and not sure about the floors yet.. Still waiting on the inspection. However, hundreds around us have lost everything they own. Rich & Poor.  No respector of persons. Right now in my state of North Carolina there are 26 confirmed dead. Losing my things just doesn’t compare to loss of life.

Judgement Free Zone

If you are happy and love your life, love your job, and are experiencing what some call the “American Dream”, this article isn’t in judgment at all. I want to be very clear on that. Your right to work hard, possess whatever money can buy, and love every minute of it is something to be commended. I actually live in a nice home. We have two cars, and I never lack for food, clothing, or my needs.  Something has shifted in me though. It’s my journey, and my shift, and not everyone is on this particular journey and that’s OK!

My Minimalist Journey

Just a week before the flood, God was really dealing with my heart about Sufficiency. I mentioned I wanted to simplify my life, and a friend suggested I join a few minimalist groups on Facebook. I started watching how everything was decluttering and enjoying the peaceful space surrounding them. A few were talking about the new Minimalism Documentary. I purchased the online version so I could watch it right then and there. Everything the creators were talking about resonated with me. Something inside “clicked” with me that I needed to start this journey.


My “aha moment” journey didn’t end when I watched the movie. Just to be honest and up front.  I had a lot of STUFF! I’m not a natural organizer. I’ve probably purchased more than 20 books in my life about “How to Organize & Clean Your Home”. I’ve lived with clutter my entire adult life. I get really frustrated because I had such a hard time finding a place for everthing and putting everything in it’s place! Well.. I had too much darn stuff and I just couldn’t seem to find a place… and so it piled. Then I would get frustrated… and a few weeks ago, I found KonMari! It’s actually called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. She created the KonMari Method, and between this and learning more about what it means to be minimalist… I feel like I’ve been set free! I’ve cracked to code on this stress reduction/self-care journey!

What set’s the KonMari Method apart from other organizing books is that: IT ISN”T AN ORGANIZING BOOK! The lights REALLY have gone off! It’s not about organizing you stuff! It’s about GETTING RID OF YOUR STUFF! Keeping only those things which bring you joy! What a novel idea! I don’t NEED all the STUFF I have!

Becoming Minimalist

I’ve already made such a headway in my household with the “stuff” that doesn’t bring me joy! The peace that is coming with this process is something I wasn’t expecting. This process is flowing over to every area of my life! My finances, my home, and even my job (and biz).

I will not say this is for everyone. To say it’s for everyone would almost say this is a better way that those wanting to have all the “stuff”. Nope. Not saying that! What I’m saying…if you are stressed to the max, feel like you have an issue with all the clutter in you life, and want to experience more peace and joy… this may be for you!

I would just LOVE to know…does anyone else deal with stress…and you have clutter in your life that you’ve never been able to conquer? I’d just LOVE to know! Please leave a comment or write me! I’ve got a wellness group too if you’d like to join and share your story! Come on over to:  Wellness Living Community 

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