Invest in YOU! Here are YOUR 10 Top Strategies to

Reduce Stress & Rock Your Self-Care! 



Are you in your 40's and beginning to panic?

You've neglected yourself as you take care of everyone else! 

You've put yourself on the back burner for a long time now! 

Do you feel guilty taking time out for your needs?

Are you empty and have nothing left to give?

stress management

Feel like you need clear vision to live a PURPOSEFUL life?

You need a change NOW, and have NO idea where to start? 

I can help you with that!

It's time to invest in your self-care!

Contact me NOW at and let's talk about how you can start your journey back to living WELL!

I'll send you a few questions, and we can talk about it FREE over a wellness strategy session! 


Continuing Education for Your Personal and Professional Wellness as a Nurse

Continuing Education for Your Personal and Professional Wellness as a Nurse

As nurses, it is our responsibility to take classes, courses, and workshops to grow during our career. Advances in procedures, medications, and scientific breakthroughs make it imperative to continue our education, especially in the area of our expertise. Without growth we would become stagnant in our field. One of the best ways to find continuing(…)

Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

I’ve lived in a world of overwhelm so long, I didn’t realize I was drowning. Deciding to de-clutter my life is actually looking at ALL areas of my life. This includes my physical surroundings, my financial budget, emails, Facebook, and even work. I read two e-books several months ago by a new Facebook friend, Shirley(…)

Exploring Below the Tip of the Iceberg

Exploring Below the Tip of the Iceberg

Before I became a wellness coach, I had already experienced 2 very distinct periods of burnout and overload related to my nursing career. Outside stressors were involved each time. I personally didn’t take out my frustrations on staff or peers. I internalized my emotions. I gained weight and had frequent health issues involving gastric difficulties,(…)

Daybreak Journey

Daybreak Journey

It’s early morning, and instead of sleeping late after working 12 hours shifts, I’m up and my mind is racing. I’m on this journey. Some call it a spiritual journey, an awakening, or just restlessness to get to the meaning of it all. I’m deeply passionate in my relationship with God…but there is more that(…)

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