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Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

I’ve lived in a world of overwhelm so long, I didn’t realize I was drowning. Deciding to de-clutter my life is actually looking at ALL areas of my life. This includes my physical surroundings, my financial budget, emails, Facebook, and even work. I read two e-books several months ago by a new Facebook friend, Shirley(…)

Exploring Below the Tip of the Iceberg

Exploring Below the Tip of the Iceberg

Before I became a wellness coach, I had already experienced 2 very distinct periods of burnout and overload related to my nursing career. Outside stressors were involved each time. I personally didn’t take out my frustrations on staff or peers. I internalized my emotions. I gained weight and had frequent health issues involving gastric difficulties,(…)

Nurturing the Age Old Issue of Nurse Relationships

Nurturing the Age Old Issue of Nurse Relationships

The French novelist Alphonse Karr has been noted for originating the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. I tend to agree. The nursing profession has evolved and changed through the years, however we as a profession continue to deal with hot topic issues like nurse bullying, jealousy, distrust, and really(…)